During our first week in Wellington, we were house sitting for Hetty. She is related to the family that we stayed with in Te Awanga and has a lovely house in Papakowhai, which is about 20 mins from town centre. We spent Easter here, looking after some Easter bunnies :) During this week, we hiked up Mt Kaukau to check out the incredible view from the TV tower and also went to beautiful Peka Peka beach. Before heading into town one day, we checked out Waimapihi Reserve, which was created in the 80s by the local community. You can tell it has a community touch by little dream catchers or fairies dangling in the trees. We saw many Tui birds here, that have a destinctive calling sound that they make with an even more distinctive feature on their throat, which look like balls!

The second week we spent at a backpackers downtown. I made another picture folder for downtown Wellington.

The third week we stayed with another Kiwi family on their life stayle farm. The daughter bread little bunnies and they had a cow, sheep, a dog and cats. Her father Andy took us along one of his kayak trips to Tatahi Bay, which was a blast. Their grandfather Syd makes his own model boats and invited us along his Marine Model Club, where we had a go at those miniture boats and getting to know more interesting local folks. Another highlight with the Blakes was going to a fundraiser at the local fire station. The evening involved a top gun quizz :) The firemen raised the money to walk up the sky tower in Auckland. The money goes to leukemia patients.